Monday, October 27

Christmas quilt cut-off date....

I really don't like setting a cut-off date for receiving quilts...
 I want to quilt them all RIGHT NOW!
But, I need to have a date so I can insure you will have your quilts back in time for Christmas.
The date is NOVEMBER 10th. 
If I receive your quilt by this date I will guarantee you will get it returned in time for Christmas.
(Jan's Christmas quilt)
All of the quilts I have right now will be returned before Christmas.
Thank you for your patience and for trusting me with your lovelies!
I've already started quilting to Christmas music and keep a stash of chocolate on hand - I love this time of year!
(my Candy Cane Christmas quilt)


  1. None of the quilts I am working on will be ready by then, I am s-l-o-w. But I don't really need them by Christmas :>) One of these days I'll get one sent!

    1. You're so cute - I remember you still have a $40 credit coming to you....from a giveaway and LONG time ago! xxoo

  2. Yay someone else who works to Christmas music before December! I sew, bake and decorate cakes to holiday music. It's just perfect for being crafty.

  3. So you have your stash of chocolate ready, eh? And Christmas music! You are set! Have a great season.