Tuesday, October 21

anitra's quilts

Anitra sent me a GIANT box full of quilts to be quilted - 9 in all! 
Here are just a few of them....
A sweet patriotic quilt - I could have easily kept this one!
I sewed a black & white bracelet print binding on it...
This is a pretty batik aqua strippy quilt - she wanted quilted waves....so, so pretty!
A Kaffe Fassett "Bold & Beautiful" - with swirl quilting....amazing!
A cute little baby boy quilt - love the stripe binding!
"Carnival" out of more bracelet print fabrics.
Anitra wanted the white & aqua areas of this "Learning Curve" to be quilted with different designs.
I swirled the aqua areas and pebbled the white - stunning quilt!
Another Kaffe Fassett Stripes quilt - she named it "Urban Cohesion".
I quilted opposing loops in the blocks and echoed the triangle border.
I LOVE this quilt!!!
 "Kaleidoscope" - cross-hatched.
Thank you, Anitra, for sending such beautiful quilts to work on.
I wonder what you're working on now?


  1. What beautiful quilts!!! I could have kept the first one too!! They're all so pretty though! Have a great week!! xo Holly

    1. Thanks, Holly - it's so fun to see what others are creating! Have a great week, too! xxoo

  2. I love these! Wow! I think my favorite is the first one, I love black, red, and white!

  3. She is one busy lady! Beautiful quilting to go with the perfect piecing!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of quilts...Beautiful quilting as always Kathy-O! Love the Urban Cohesion quilt. That would probably make a fun exchange...... :)

  5. WOW...great quilts and you did a great job of quilting them too!


  6. What a great variety of quilts - she must have had as much fun piecing them as you did quilting them!