Thursday, December 11

Red 'n White - just in time for Christmas...

Carla, living in Washington, sent me this stunning red and white double wedding ring quilt. 
It was intended for her son's few years ago!
Her daughter-in-law got to pick the pattern and colors.  (lucky girl)
But isn't it worth the wait? 
I will probably never, in my life time, make a double wedding ring quilt.
I love them, but I just don't have the patience.
And who doesn't love a red and white quilt?
They are timeless!
The back is a pretty white on white dot swirl print.
I quilted a pretty all-over design.
I didn't want to take away from the piecing.
LOVE the scalloped edge.
She asked me to bind it - all finished and ready to give to the bride & groom!
An absolute gift of love.....*sigh*


  1. What a breathtaking quilt. Worth the wait! You did a beautiful job of quilting this treasure!

  2. Well of course I absolutely love this, red and white is the best color combination ever and this is an heirloom if ever I saw one! I am working on some blue and white scrappy throws for the girls and their husbands for Christmas and I must admit, I find working in a narrow color pallet quite boring, but I love the results! Maybe that is why this lovely quilt took so long to make. It is certainly worth the wait :>)

  3. Wish I was her daughter in law!! :) LOL
    It's beautiful!

  4. Very pretty quilt - you're right - red and white is timeless. Was the scalloped binding hard to sew in the corners? Looks great!