Sunday, February 8

Valentine's approaching.....

My sweet friend, Kathy, from Michigan sent me this heart swag.
I love it so much.
I keep thinking I'm going to make some of these, but I never do.
I'm so glad she made this one!
I have it hanging on my fireplace mantel....perfect!
You can read all about Kathy on her blog, Kathy's Cottage....she's so talented!

Trish, of Mississippi, made this darling heart wall hanging for her home.
I can't imagine sewing all those little two inch squares together, but it works!
I quilted the red areas with loops, outlined the hearts and stippled the centers.
What are your plans for Valentine's?


  1. They look so cute in your house Kathy! But I REALLY love Trish's heart quilt. Swoon! Isn't it fab?

    1. I LOVE my hearts from you.....thanks! Yes, Trish's heart quilt is absolutely darling.

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  3. Oh Kathy! Thank you so much for sharing my little quilt! I am so far behind in blogging and just now trying to do a little visiting. :o) Love ya!