Tuesday, February 17

Sandy's Civil War beauty

My friend, Sandy, from Arizona, made this stunning quilt using Civil War prints.
She makes quilts for everyone else and finally finished one for herself.
You can see why she decided to keep this one.
It's so beautiful.
The blocks are about 10" finished - all set on point!
All those ity bity 1/2 squares - I would probably lose my mind after making them!
She does beautiful piece work - all the points are visible!
It was such fun to quilt - I spent several hours with this beauty.
I cross-hatched the center over all the blocks....
Then I played with the borders.
(this is a setting triangle section)
I have scads of Civil War fabrics....just waiting and waiting for me to do something with them.
Fabulous quilt, Sandy.
Thank you for letting me "add to the beauty" of it. 


  1. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting, Kathy - especially the border design!

  2. Just wonderfully good!! We moved to SC from Indiana the month of November...still renovating but I had to get back to quilting myself....it is who I am!! Love your quilting..and GO VINTAGE!!....I think I am considered that at 65?.....heehee wink