Tuesday, May 19

elk on my table!

My dear friend, Shauna - from Montana, gave me a huge chunk of this awesome elk fabric. 
We love our elk in Montana - so it was a perfect piece to make something out of it for my home.
I made this very simple table runner.
I quilted a tiny wave in the center and straight lines in the outer border. 

I used a brushed woven for the backing.

I love my very old wood dough bowl from Hungary.
It looks pretty good on my table runner...
These bowls were made for making bread. 
I don't make bread - so I keep my wooden spoons in it!
Thank you, Shauna, I love it!


  1. Such cute fabric and it makes a very pretty runner. Love the rustic bowl with it too. Your home looks like it is decorated in such a warm and homey way :)

    1. I love our warm, rustic, woodsy home. Thanks! (the elk come over from West Yellowstone & visit).

  2. Oh....that bowl! Hungary? Have you been there lately? It makes me 'hungry' for bread. Let's have a bread making class!! D-Rae taught me everything I need to know.

    1. Haven't been to Hungary - but you can find them at really cool antique shops in Bozeman, MT! I need a bread making class - I know nothing!

  3. It looks perfect for your table!