Saturday, May 16

mother - daughter quilting together...

One of my customer's, Michelle, from California, spent some serious sewing time with her 9-year old daughter.
This is the result of that serious mother/daughter time together:
A little Christmas quilt!
It's Lori Holt's "Quilty Little Christmas" scrappy sew along.
What a cute little snow guy.
I quilted snowy swirls in the red outer border.
This is my favorite section -the little bows on the wreaths that stand up - darling!
I had so much fun quilting each section different.....
Can you believe her 9-year old pieced this little cutie?
Nice job!!!
This one was created by Michelle.
It's a Barbara Brackman, Civil War quilt. 
Michelle wanted quilting that was conducive to that time era.
It's so pretty.
I love the colors she used.
Thank you, Michelle and Lindsay, for letting me add to your creations.
Keep sewing, Lindsay!


  1. Ok, now I'm really embarrassed because a 9 year old can piece better than I can!. Lol What a beautiful keepsake, I would say she is destined to be a quilter just like her mom :>)

    1. I know - I don't think I even had sewing skills at 9! Her mom is a great teacher!

  2. BOTH of these are fabulous!! I love that a 9 year old has an interest in sewing/quilting! Wish I had at that age :)