Monday, May 11

let it rain...

My sweet friend, Shari, from New Jersey, made me this umbrella.
You heard that right - she MADE it!
Then she sent it to me in the mail.....that's love.
...."April showers bring May flowers"....
In Montana it doesn't rain in April.
It's more like "May showers bring June flowers"....sometimes! 
I don't even dare plant anything until mid-June. 
Shari knows I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics so she not only makes me an umbrella, she uses this beautiful Kaffe fabric. pretty - thank you, Shari.
She knows me so well!
She sprayed the umbrella with water repellant.
I'll have to try it out in the rain!
These are my "wellies" that my sister, LeAnn, gave me while I was visiting her in England.
Everyone wears them!
We wear them here in Montana, too. 
But, we call them "mud boots". 
I'm set for rain - let it rain!
What kind of weather are you having right now?


  1. Replies
    1. Who knew you could make an umbrella? She bought a kit at a quilt shop.....

  2. Right now it actually is raining. That umbrella is amazing! I love the fabric she used, and even though I am a do it yourselfer, I have never heard of making an umbrella! I wouldn't know where to start. What a very special gift. :)

    1. You need my umbrella.....if I was closer I would share! It's certainly a gift of love!

  3. Wow - now that is special - to make an umbrella. It is beautiful and so are your 'wellies' :)!
    We've had a few 'hot' days and the plants/flowers/trees just unfolding unbelievably fast. Tomorrow cooler and guess what?? - rain possibly tonight. I love rain and cooler weather - Hmmmm - where should I live?

    1. I need all four seasons in order to survive! And I love a good rainstorm. You can borrow my umbrella!

  4. I LOVE this although our Kansas wind would not be kind to it :)

    Very stylish with your Wellies!

    1. Ahh - Kansas wind must be similar to Ennis wind! That's why my cute umbrella is hanging inside my home!