Monday, July 6

Bali baskets.....

My very good friend, Sherri, from Alaska, sent me some beautiful handmade baskets from Bali.
The different villages in Bali are known for different handiwork.
Some are known for jewelry making, some for wood carving, and some for basket making.
They start with bamboo...
They pull the bamboo strip through a bottle cap that has holes made in it with a certain size nail.
This is "quality control" so that the strips are all the same size. 
They start weaving.
Sherri is getting instructions from her friend, the basket maker.
Sherri loved every single minute of the process.

A very technical process!
Smoking them creates the lovely color, which comes after the basket is made, in the huge ovens.
When I opened my package I could smell the smokiness of the baskets - mmmmm!
Such a beautiful craft.  
I keep my thimble collection in the smallest basket.
These are little gift cards my friend, Kathy, from Kathy's Cottage made for me.
I keep them in my hexagon shaped basket.
 I have a couple of my very small pin cushions and a tape measure in the largest basket. 
(My friends, Sally & Vicky, from England gave me the floral pin cushion & matching tape measure - so cute!)
So beautiful - thank you, my dear friend.  I love them.



  1. Replies
    1. I know - I love them so much....especially because they came from my dear friend, all the way from Bali!

  2. Beautiful!! Loved hearing about the process. I have two baskets my grandfather made from willow branches. I treasure them. Love your little baskets in the different shapes and one even with a lid. Special!!

    1. I've never even thought about the process and it was fascinating to me, as well. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I love how fine the weaving is on those baskets. Beautiful work, did your friend actually make them?

    1. My friend made some for herself but not the ones I've received. They are super fine and perfect - I love them!

  4. Ooh the pin cushion looks super cute in it's little home. Vicky x

    1. It's very happy with its owl friend! Thank you so much - I love it & the tape measure!