Saturday, July 18

Project bags, by Shauna!

My friend, Shauna - a fellow Montanian - makes these adorable project bags.
I have LOTS of them.
I need even MORE of them!
I have a pattern to make my own...but why would I do that when I have Shauna in my life?
She makes large ones and small ones.
The large ones are about 16" square and sell for $15.
The small ones are about 8" square and sell for $10.
Here are just a few of my "future" projects:
A Queen size Lone Star from my stash...
See how my charm pack fits so nice & snug with its template?
Shauna will make you some, too!
Just shoot her an email here.
They are very well made....she used pretty fabrics and matching zippers, then adds a ribbon pull in the zipper.
An American Jane jelly roll pattern along with the jelly roll, binding fabric, background fabric and Thangles.
See how much you can stuff fit inside?
An opened jelly roll doesn't EXPLODE inside a project bag!
And the little jelly roll fuzzies (you know what I'm talking about) remain contained!
Parts, lots and lots of parts! 
My Cluck Cluck Sew, "To the Point" pattern with fabrics cut & ready to sew up!
There's a DS jelly roll tucked under that "Single Girl" pattern just waiting for me to unleash it!
Shauna also makes these adorable little coin pouches.
They're made out of cute vinyl fabrics - very sturdy.
Contact her if you'd like to own some of these!
I love mine - thank you, Shauna!
You've completely organized my quilting life for me!


  1. I can vouch for the fact that Shauna's project bags are well made - Kathy was kind enough to share one with me and they are very nicely made. Kathy, thanks for showing all your WIP's - makes me feel better about mine! :)

    1. I have MANY more WIP's that need a bag.....:)

  2. The project bags are perfect - so practical (for all of us quilters w/ multiple WIP's) and cute too. Thanks for sharing Kathy!

  3. What a great idea! Clear so you can see what is inside and cute fabric trims. Awesome!

    1. That's the beauty of these bags - at time I actually forget what I have on hand!!! eek!

  4. Such cute pouches....I may have to email her for a few :) Thanks for the info.
    QUESTION: I have the Single Girl Pattern too and I'm dying to do it...but i'm scared. Have you started it at all? I'm so afraid I'll make a mess of it and waste good fabric....

  5. Kathy, I have emailed for a few pouches :) Do you have the pattern info so maybe I could order it for myself. I have so many ideas for christmas gifts...

  6. Those are so cute and such a great idea.

  7. yeah, 20 or 30.....that's all one needs. I love these!