Sunday, August 9

Two "Moda Modern Building Blocks" quilts...

The "Moda Modern Building Blocks" pattern came out at quilt market last year and took solids to another level. 
It's such a beautiful quilt! 
Seems like most of the quilt shops across the nation were selling the kits. 
Danielle, of Colorado, created this beautiful Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt using lighter colors.
Some of her fabrics were prints that "read" solid.
So, so pretty!  I quilted an all-over clam shell in all of the larger block areas and did some straight line quilting on the 6" blocks.
Jessica, of Virginia, made hers using a beautiful "Morris", Barbara Brackman, reproduction line.
I quilted an all-over clam shell design over the entire quilt.
There are block sizes ranging from 6" - 36" - brilliant!
Thank you, ladies, for inspiring me to get my pattern cards out and get going on one of my own!
Now I just need to decide on a color palette.
They are both so beautiful!


  1. Beautiful indeed!! ...and so is that quilting!! :-)

  2. Love this! Beautiful quilts and your all-over clam shell design with straight stitching, just adds to it all. I always admire your quilting ideas for each quilt that comes your way.

  3. Lovely! I have this pattern and need to get with it. Great quilting, as usual!