Sunday, August 16

Ronda's "General's Wives" quilts - a beauty!

Ronda, from Idaho, sent me this absolutely beautiful "The General's Wives" quilt a while ago.
It's so gorgeous!
I love the Civil War prints she used.
She had Andrea, of "Andrea Quilts", piece it for her. 
Andrea's work is near perfection - she loves piecing quilt tops for others.  Just contact her through her lovely blog here.
I wanted to give each section of this lovely quilt it's own quilting design.
 I used wool batting - so soft and allows those sections to "show off".
Pretty red floral print.
The center block - appliqued stars.
 Ronda's backing is a simple shirting print - perfect. 
(I love quilting feathers)
An over-all "fluer" design.
 I attached the binding for Ronda to hand finish it.
Such a beautiful quilt - thank you for letting me add a 'bit' to it!


  1. Very nice work - the wool batting is wonderful. And I simply love your ribbon work in the sashing. It looks like the real thing!

  2. You always manage to bring out the beauty of the pattern with your quilting. I love how puffy this looks!