Monday, September 14

Sandy & Sweetwater & Stars

My Colorado friend, Sandy, made a real stunner of a star quilt:
I wish I knew the story behind the design - notice how some of the star points are floating off...
This is the back - Sandy usually has about as much piecing on the back as the front!
The quilting really stands out on this beauty. 
I swirled the background and straight-lined the stars.
 I absolutely love this "Feed Company" line of fabric by Sweetwater
 Script fabrics are always a favorite of mine and this line has recipes printed on it. 
Real recipes you can use....biscuits, pie, cookies...
 Notice Sandy's personal label with her name printed on it?  (lower right) 
Sweetwater will do that for you!  You can order it here.
Sandy usually gives her quilts away.
But, she finished this amazing civil war print sampler just for herself.
Every block is a different pattern.
I quilted straight lines in each block which resulted in an
all-over grid.
The borders got some other treatments.
Thanks, Sandy, for letting me quilt your beautiful quilts. 
It's always a treat!


  1. Mom used a pattern by V & CO. believe it is called barn dance

    1. Thank you for the reference. Both of you always come up with the most amazing patterns & fabrics!

  2. Sandy not only makes beautiful quilts; she is an extraordinarily beautiful person! She has lovingly 'gifted' quilts to many friends and/or people in need. If the world only had more Sandys....

    1. What kind words about Sandy! I had a feeling she give away most of her quilts and keeps very few for herself. Yes - we need more Sandy's in our world. Thank you for your comments!