Thursday, November 12 many stars......

I love stars.....
All stars.....
I recently became aware of these wonderful people who make the most beautiful stained glass stars.
Here is their Etsy shop - full of stars - hundreds to choose from!
I saw my first "Piggy & Dirt" star at the retreat I attended in McCall, ID.
This one was a prize for one of our games.....
Oh, how I wish I could have brought this beauty home!
But, I can order one for myself - and I did just that!
I did a little Christmas shopping!
This is how my stars arrived.....can you believe this packaging? 
The outside of the box was stamped just like this, too.
I felt so special....and a bit embarrassed at my own packaging for my customers (yep, plastic garbage bags). 
I really need to step up my game in that area!
Here's what I ordered:
This is a sunflower star - the center has little seeds drawn in.
(I don't know how Kurt does that!)
Here's a patriotic star - they have lots of patriotic stars to choose from - it was a difficult choice!
 I love my Christmas star. 
The star points look like elf stocking legs!!!
This is a baby star - so tiny & precious - they come in all sorts of colors. 
This one is watermelon.
Can you see this hanging in a child's bedroom window? 
Thank you, Kurt & Peggy, for sharing your creative side with the world!


  1. I love these. I saw a bunch on another blog, all massed together I think in a window, and they were amazing! I would love to see how you display them :)

    1. They are so amazing in real life! I'll do a post about them when Christmas is over....some of them are for gifts! I can see an entire window with a string of a bunch of sweet!