Friday, April 29

Gift Certificate SALE......

Mother's Day is coming up.....real soon! 
May 8th.....
What better gift for a "quilter mom" than a gift certificate for getting a quilt finished?
You say, "WHAT?"
YES - a gift certificate!
And here's the really great part - for every $100 you spend on a certificate, I'll throw in an extra $5!
It's a SALE!
I'm going to run this special offer
all month long!
There is NO expiration date so the potential is limitless!
What about your best quilting buddy, or your quilting sister, or your quilting grammy?
There isn't a quilter out there who wouldn't want a gift card towards having custom quilting on their precious quilts.
All you have to do is email me:
and let me know the amount you want to purchase along with details.
I'll print up a card and either send it to you or to your quilting recipient.
You can pay with either a personal check sent to me or with PayPal.
What a grand idea!
Bright Ideas: Customer-Driven Product Development | REsource
I'll always have gift certificates available, but this month I'm adding the $5 bonus.
Are your wheels just spinning with ideas of who to "gift" them to?
And in case I don't get around to posting on Mother's Day - May 8th.....
Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely, wonderful mom's out there.
Mother's Day by Amelie Au, via Behance Happy Mother's Day Moo & Hen!:

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