Wednesday, June 1

Carol's pretties.....

My friend, Carol from Montana, has been a busy,
busy quilter! 
She recently retired from her day job and is having a blast making quilts for everyone she knows! 
Here are just a few of her lovely creations...
I quilted an all-over row-by-row single loop - one of my favorite designs.
Look at that cute leaf binding...
The quilts just keep coming!  Cute backing, too.
Very masculine - this is her "Sweetwater" creation.
Red binding and recipe fabric on the back - perfect.
I get to choose the quilting designs on her quilts - love that!
I quilted simple all-over loops. 
Do you love this plaid backing?
This was Carol's most challenging quilt - a Lori Holt design.
Carol did an excellent job piecing - so many ity bity pieces!
 A very happy backing with a dot binding.

I quilted an all-over feather swirl design on this one.

Little squares on the back - super fun!
All bound & ready to go home.

Carol's latest quilts - a pretty pinwheel.
I had fun quilting the borders with a different
design than the center.

Oh, how I love this backing!

A quilt for her husband - he will love it!

Nothing like script fabrics - love them!


I've got to somehow get on Carol's "quilt gift" list.....:)


  1. Oh my goodness, these are all so beautiful! I love the patterns she made and every single backing choice is perfect. I love the backing fabrics as much as the fronts! Put it all together with your quilting and they are amazing.

    1. Aw - thank you, my friend. It's so fun to quilt for Carol - I love everything about her quilts. I agree - the backings should be every bit as fun as the top!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Karen. Isn't quilting with our Gammill's the perfect dream job ever?

  3. You have been busy! Such beautiful work by Carol and your quilting is the finishing touch! Love them all!

  4. Such beautiful quilts. It is always to see new projects and up close looks :)

  5. fabulous quilts! and great choices on the quilting patterns