Sunday, July 31

Idaho Retreat with friends...

The small town of Heyburn, Idaho has recently opened a retreat for quilters.
Shelley, an employee of, "The Gathering Place", in Rupert, ID, decided it was about time the quilt shop offered a retreat for quilters and let me tell you...she went all out!
My friends, who I have been retreating with every year for at least 20 years, decided to try it out.
Here are lots of pictures of the fun we had...
I'm ready to start sewing with my little bag Des made me - she is so kind...
Emily, working on her pretty blue & white quilt...
Here's the finished top:
Betsy contemplating how to set these flying geese:
It's a great start! 
Betsy also made this cute bag....I wish you could see the zipper pull. 
It's a slice of pie with a fork. 
It's speaking to me!
Here's Corrie working on piles of projects...
just one pile of DS prints with linen!
 Corrie really nailed it by finishing two quilt tops! 
My sister, LeAnn, forever cutting on a king size quilt.
 Sewing on the king size quilt:
 The blocks are HUGE!
Enough to make you go just a little crazy! 
(I love my sister....)
But that craziness paid off.....beautiful!
The beginnings of Des's pretty little baskets...
 Progress!  (love that little pink one)
Julia worked so hard on these beautiful orange peel blocks.
She used a charm pack of pretties.
It's SO beautiful!  Nice job, Julia.
My friend, Carol, worked the entire time on these amazing "T", square-in-a-square blocks.
I don't know that I could have stayed with it that long - I get easily distracted.
But, look at the result!
 Shelto is an incredible designer. 
She designed this T-shirt quilt as a "thank-you" for a teacher of her daughter's. 
It's beyond amazing! 
 We offered a doll exchange and they were beyond cuteness!
 Des's Maverick Stars...
Trimming 1/2 squares - not my favorite thing to do but it's worth it...
 Super cool quilt, Emily! 
LOVE that orange pinwheel just thrown in.
I brought a lot of little things that just needed finishing and one of them was my pretty "Single Girl". 
I sewed the binding on for hand finishing.
I'm so happy with this quilt...I'll blog more about it later.
I added a few more string blocks to my pile - it's starting to look great!
Did you notice this design wall made of sheets of metal?
We're using magnets to hold everything up.
At the end of the day....with my friends.
 I loved every single minute of this retreat - thank you, my friends, for the laughter, talents and love you shared for a few short days.
Until next year....xxoo


  1. Looks like lots of fun! Would you find out the name of the pattern for Emily's quilt! Thanks, and will miss you in September(:

    1. Hi! The pattern is called Danish Delights by Little Louise Designs and I found it on etsy. It takes a layer cake and some yardage and this is the fourth time I've made it, it goes together so quickly!

  2. looks like great fun!! I am headed to a retreat closer to home in Nov. Hoping to get a BUNCH done, and spend sweet time with good quilty friends.

    1. Retreats are the greatest invention so my opinion!

  3. great recap and pics!!! still working on my baskets......slowly but surely. xoxo

    1. I at least pinned my baskets on a wall - for incentive! I love them. xxoo, back

  4. Looks like a great time was had by all! Where did you get the info on the retreat site? I don't see anything on their web page about it.

    1. You have to ask for Shelley at the Gathering Place. She owns the retreat. The Gathering Place wanted to have retreats in their amazing building upstairs but the cost of plumbing & electrical was beyond what they wanted to spend. So...Shelley opened up her place. It was so dang fun!

  5. I love seeing all the different quilts, so fun!

  6. I attended a few company events here and I must say that I was impressed every time. The place was aesthetically pleasing with very good decorations and seats. The LA venues had a great layout overall, and was at a comfortable temperature.