Thursday, August 18

local quilt show...

Every other year our local quilt guild, "PieceMakers of the Madison", put on an outstanding quilt show.
Here are just a few photos of the two-day show...
This year our theme was, "Quilt Me a River".
The beautiful Madison River runs through Ennis and south central Montana. 
Several of our guild members created these amazing mini quilts depicting the Madison running through our valley. 
We lined them up in order for this display...
These photos don't do this display justice at all - but you get the idea.
See how the river keeps flowing through each quilt - so beautiful!
I entered my "happy" Lone Star. 
I'll blog more about it later. 
(wait until you see the backing...EEE!)
Here is my theme quilt entry. 
It was a "round-robin" so several members of the guild
added to it. 
It started out as a trout panel and ended up as this! 
I also included some embroidered tied flies I had that were created by the local embroidery shop, Coverups.
(thank you, Stacey)
 I won this pretty 2nd place ribbon for my
 "Home D├ęcor" entry. 
It's an old wood window pane and I attached a
crazy patch quilt behind it. 
It hangs in a little bathroom in my home - next to a little
blue sink.
So many beautiful quilts deserving of ribbons.
Sue won 1st in Traditional - it's her own design!
I love this Scrappy Trip of Tara's.
She won 2nd place in Traditional.
 Bonnie is hanging signage on our raffle quilt. 
It's such a cool quilt - those are paper pieced fish.
Bonnie and I are here ready to sell tickets for that amazing raffle quilt.
The kitchen crew, Tara, Vonna Mae and Marsha.
  We all donated dozens and dozens of FREE cookies.
My favorite moment of the entire quilt show is our
QOV presentation.
This year we honored nine Veteran's....ranging in ages from 30 something to 90 something.
Each recipient had a member of the guild create a
quilt for them. 
They did not know they were receiving a quilt - such a humbling experience for everyone.
Along with each quilt comes a beautiful certificate from the national QOV Foundation.
Each Veteran is wrapped in their own QOV...
I love these happy faces...
This is our Montana representative, Kathy Coontz, who keeps us all organized.
Her display is amazing!
My sweet husband, an Air Force Veteran, puts on this handsome uniform, stands in front of each Veteran, thanks them for their service, salutes them,
then hands them their quilt. 
This man never hesitates to help out when needed. 
(he did receive a quilt from me, but I'll blog about it later) 
He's visiting with one of the Veteran's after the presentation.
After the presentation - he put on his other "gear" to go riding.
You deserve a few hours on your bike!
(he cracks me up!)
Another great show - now I'm inspired to get working on quilts for the next show in 2018!


  1. So impressed with all that your guild accomplishes, the Madison River running through Ennis mini quilts and how they all lined up - so creative, honoring nine veterans with quilts, etc. Love your bathroom window frame art and that your husband is so helpful!!

    1. It was such a fun show. The river quilts were beyond amazing - so brilliant!

  2. Every single quilt just made me catch my breath Kathy! I assume that the ladies who made the "quilt me a river" quilts planned for the river to run through them all in such a way that it connected from quilt to quilt so beautifully? What an amazing display! I love that nine veterans were wrapped in the love that those quilts represented. What a lovely way to honor them. Your hubby sure looks fine in that uniform!

    1. I wish I would have taken a lot more pictures of the quilts - it was a great display! Yes, those who made the river quilts did plan for the Madison to run through each piece - brilliant! My hubby is pretty darn handsome in that uniform....which still fits!

  3. What an amazing show - well done all the way around! I'd come simply for the free cookies, but then I'd get to see all those lovely quilts, too. The river quilts are awesome. What a neat mural that would make as an entry way into Ennis! Thanks for taking us on the quilt show tour!

    1. The river mural was truly amazing....I found myself just staring at it, over and over. And yes, the cookies - again, quilters seem to rise way above the norm!

  4. Beautiful Quilts!

    In the fifth photo from the bottom of quilters with veterans wrapped in quilts around the neck, I see a quilt with red "Double Star" blocks from (I think) McCalls American Quilts for the Home Magazine sometime in 2011. I have started that quilt but have lost the magazine with instructions in it. I have spent months looking for it to no avail because I want to make more blocks! Would it be possible for whoever has access to those pattern instructions to share them with me? I would be ever so grateful!!! Seeing the actual blocks I worked on a couple years ago in this photo is the only sign I have had of this quilt pattern since I started my top! I await hearing from you......and am crossing my fingers!

  5. I love this report. Miss being part of a guild. Quilt shows are cool and the QOV is such a wonderful organization. Can't wait to read about Dan!

  6. What an amazing group you are. And wonderful quilts. Fun to see you & Bonnie & Kathy. :)