Thursday, March 1

Domini's quilt....

My friend, Domini, from Idaho, sent me this stunning king size quilt to quilt.
I love it so much.
She created sections of color going in a diagonal direction.
Most of her fabrics were Anna Maria Horner's prints...
 so beautiful.
Look at that backing, "Summer Totem", - perfect.
I quilted diagonal straight lines going the same direction her piecing is going.
Domini wanted minimal quilting because it's a summer quilt and she used wool batting.
 I wish I had an area large enough to show the entire quilt - it's so amazing.
 Thank you, Domini, for letting me quilt this beauty!


  1. I agree it is beautiful! Wool batting on a summer quilt, dear Lord, how cold are the summers in Idaho! Hah!

  2. Wow!! Just beautiful. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a Beauty! Stand way back and take s photo of the entire quilt.

  4. Gorgeous and I love a wool batting!

    1. I could live with wool batting in ALL of my quilts, it's so wonderful!

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