Saturday, May 11

Julie's quilts

Julie, from California, makes the sweetest quilts.

I LOVE this calendar quilt from Sweetwater.

Here is their lovely website.  
You can get all sorts of iron-on labels.
They are an amazing company.

She let me quilt what I wanted on it and it was
 oh, so much fun!
In the stars I echoed triangles inside the points and did a curvy design in the star blocks.

I tried to highlight each month name with minimal quilting.
(my favorite month - my birthday month)
Julie embroidered on top of the labels so they stood out - so dang cute!

Her backing is a sweet peachy yellow print that really shows off the quilting.

She had some left over fabrics so she pieced them 
into the backing.

The Sweetwater prints are all just darling.

..... thank you for letting me "play" on it.


  1. Oh, what a fun quilt! I imagine each of those dates has special meaning. Fun to quilt, too!

    1. It was a very special quilt for Julie - each quilt has a great story and this one was extra special. You're right - it was fun to quilt!

  2. Love the Peachy colours and lovely labels in the blocks! Beautiful quilting, Kathy!

    1. Thank you so much - it's always fun to quilt on Julie's quilts.

  3. Another fantastic quilting job Kathy!! Thank you for being my “partner” in putting the final touches on my labor of love. You are Wonder Woman!!

    1. ahhhh - you are too sweet. You always give me such fun creations to work on. It's fun quilting for you....xxoo