Wednesday, June 12

A Graduation quilt...

Beth, from Montana, created this quilt for her son's graduation. 
It's nothing short of amazing.
Truly, amazing.
Her son and his team created this plot and topographical chart for his Master's degree.

So, being the incredible mom she is, 
Beth turned this chart into a quilt.

Every single plot from the chart was recreated into a small rectangle with the exact colors and shapes within each plot.  It was fun to compare the chart and quilt side by side.  
On the outside of the chart were topographical areas.

Beth printed off a chart for me to study so I could quilt as close as possible to the topographical lines on the outside borders of the quilt.
I stippled the entire center.

It was a bit challenging, but my water soluble marker and my quilting machine made it possible.
I love how it all came together.

It's hard to capture just how incredible this quilt is and the thought process that went into it.
This is truly a mother's love of her son and his accomplishment.
Congratulations goes out to her son on his graduation!

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  1. This is amazing! What a great gift and a such thoughtfulness put into each part. Your quilting is awesome and a great finish for it