Sunday, December 8

Sarah's Golden Days

I am such a fan of anything Jen Kingwell creates.  
I have loads of her patterns and loads of her fabrics......all just waiting for me to dive in and create beautiful quilts.

My friend, Sarah - from Idaho, follows through with her love of everything Jen Kingwell and finishes beautiful quilts so she can sleep under them and snuggle under them.  
I don't know how she does it - she works as a nurse and has two rambunctious little boys at home.
I seem to be the dreamer and she seems to be the doer!
Here is her "Golden Days" quilt that I was fortunate enough to custom quilt for her.

Her workmanship is incredibly beautiful.  
I only dream (see - dreamer) of being able to 
applique like Sarah.

These blocks are all so different from each other and yet they pair together beautifully.
Sarah used a variety of Jen's fabrics with a few Kaffe's in there as well.

Her backing is one of my favorite pieces - so bright and cheerful.  
Sarah added a few left-over blocks down the center of her backing - I love that!

I don't have space enough to take a photo of the entire quilt.  It's stunning!

You can find the pattern and templates several places - here's a link to Amazon.

For now, I live vicariously through Sarah's beautiful piecework.
And my basket-o-Jen's-fabrics will still be waiting patiently for my attention.


  1. Beautiful quilting on this masterpiece. Holy cow, I wonder how long it took her to piece/applique it together? Those templates are super spendy. I love how 'fresh' the quilt looks with all her color choices. Definitely a keepsake.

  2. That IS beautiful quilt! I seem to be more of a dreamer also! Ugh, I hate that!