Tuesday, June 11


Years ago my good friend, Tammy, gave me - YES - gave me this rocker.
It's made of fabric which has been wrapped around rope and the rope is woven to form the seat, back & sides.
It's kind of crookedy, but I love it.
I've been wanting to paint the frame for a while so.....
I decided I would go with this vintage pink.  I'm not a pink person....but, it I went with it anyway.
It brings out the pinks in the fabrics.
 Of course I had to pair it with my little Buggy Barn pink-ish basket quilt.
I love this old rocker all over again!
My heart smiles when I sit on it.
I can see it in a little girls room.
How can I get this down to Arizona this month to my granddaughter's house?
Yes, I'm still on grandma "baby watch".
Any day now.....yippee! 

And here's the new granddaughter's  little quilt - when she arrives!


  1. Dang! How cute is that?!! And I love the quilt! Lucky little granddaughter!

    1. Ahhh - thank you! I really is a wonderful rocker. That's one of my most favorite quilts.

  2. So excited and I love the pink chair! Alayna would love it. We can just hit up garage sales (they're everywhere every weekend) when you're here. Alayna talks about how you're coming tho visit us on the airplane all the time. No signs of baby girl yet!

    1. I love the chair, too - I have got to figure out how to get it down there. The airplane just won't work! LOVE that little girl.

  3. The pink does go with the material on the rocker - perfectly. But OH the quilt for your granddaughter is really lovely. Very special!

    1. Yep - love that pink! The quilt was so fun - I'll post about it soon! Thanks!

  4. Be sure to bring back cute pictures of the new little one so we can all see! Excited for you!