Wednesday, January 15

Allison's Dresden Plate beauty...

I recently quilted a beautiful Dresden Plate quilt for Allison - the Cluck Cluck Sew girl!
Back in July of last year she blogged about it here.
I was thrilled when she asked me to quilt it!
(heels kicking in the air!)
But I have to admit I'm always a little timid when it comes to quilting antique blocks. 
I want to "bring them to life", as Allison puts it, and quilt them in a way they were originally suppose to be quilted. 
LOVE these vintagel prints!

I went with a simple stipple to recede the solid background.

Then I quilted 1/4" inside each Dresden wedge and swirled the centers.
This one was the only printed center in the entire that! (Allison's photo)
Antique Dresdens

Her backing reminded me of the Dresden's - in a modern sort of way.

Allison bound it with a white binding.....perfect!
(Allison's photo)
Antique Dresden Plates, Cluck Cluck Sew
Here she is - all wrapped up!
(Allison's photo of Allison!)
Thank you, Allison, for allowing me to quilt this beauty!


  1. Love, love, love this quilt and you did such a gorgeous job of the quilting! I have a pretty good stash of feed sacks passed down from my grandmother that I want to put in a quilt once I get good enough to do them justice. There is something special about feedsack prints. Allison was so fortunate to find the blocks already made!

  2. Both the quilting and the guilt are BEAUTIFUL!! Love the fabric choice of the crisp colors and the perfect stitching to go with it. You make a Great Team!

  3. Love this beautiful quilt!! You did an amazing job quilting it too! Love the sweet patterns on the dresden itself! Such a fun spiral for the center too!! :) Very pretty!! :) Have a lovely day! xo Holly

  4. A total beauty. I bet it looks in the mirror everyday and says, "Gosh, I'm gorgeous!"