Sunday, August 31


I have several pillows I just want to share with you. 
Some of them I made, others were made by my friends.
I made this one for my friend, Brook. 
She has it on her bed with a red & white quilt. 
I got the inspiration from the Red Pepper Quilts blog.

This is the backing I Aneela Hoey prints! 
This one is Sherbet Pips.

Ticking makes beautiful pillows - simple & durable.
My friend, Kathleen, at Hens & Daisies, made this one for me.
She loves ticking about as much as I do!

She also makes these vintage seed packet pillow covers.
I had to have both of them!
Check out her Etsy shop, here.
I made this sweet 30's print mini spider web pillow. 

A close-up of the "kids" print I used for the centers.
Here's a link to the tutorial on a mini spider web block.

Brook - yes, the same friend - made me this hand embroidered pillow. 

Her embroidery work is perfection!
I love it so much....
Another ticking pillow along with a chenille pillow.
Kathleen made my ticking pillow cover and I added the chenille one.
The more you wash ticking the softer it becomes.

I love pillows!


  1. Wow,anyone is just fantastic.Hard to choose only one favorite.!!

    1. Thank you, Rosa. I have to have pillows around me all the time!

  2. Sweeet!!!! I want to teach kids to sew ..... pillows would be a perfect place to start!!

  3. Those are sooo darling. I've been the lucky recipient of a pillow from miss kathy, too!
    Love those vintage flower ones!

  4. How sweet to be able to see the pillows in their new home! I'm afraid I've been a bit of a slacker and don't have my stock built back up yet. Pillows are such a fun little art form though. There are so many different designs to choose from. They are a great way to add graphics to the home. I absolutely LOVE the little girl on a swing pillow!