Thursday, October 2

oh - the goodies!

Here are just a few of the goodies we received at the Quilt Taffy retreat in McCall, ID.
Des - "Chef".
Wrapped in this wax paper are the most delicious German Chocolate brownies - ever! 
And they're loaded with nuts!!!  (thanks, Des)
Everywhere you looked there were pink & white treats.

The first night we exchanged "my favorite things" gifts. 
I got this awesome tattoo!

And these other gifts....a Christmas CD, a measuring cup filled with chocolate, an insulated drinking glass with a Diet Coke tucked inside and a dish cloth.
The dish cloth had this amazing hazelnut chocolate bar inside.
(hazelnut & chocolate - one of my most favorite combinations....EVER.)

I also received this handy little tote, to tote all of my goodies in!

Every afternoon Des treated us to homemade snacks.
Her husband, "hello" Dave, made us these giant sugar cookies - ahhhh....cookies & milk in the afternoon.
When we arrived we had this pile of wonderful-ness waiting on our beds.
I LOVE the plastic quilt block containers - I could easily have dozens of these in my home....they're perfect for storing your ongoing projects.
Don't you just love the nighttime shades made out of MINKY?
I've already started using my fabric covered notebook and trim.
We all received a chair massage -
oh. my. goodness. gracious! 
I could have fallen asleep right there. - thank you, Eva.

We played and played.....we even played a lotto game with fabulous prizes.
I won a package of pink Skittles from my ticket!
Here I am peeking over my scrappy trip with my sister, Leela.
Ahhh - a finish!

Des had a book review on this sweet little book, "Stargirl", by Jerry Spinelli.
I read it at the retreat and loved every word of it.
It's an easy read which is packed with life lessons.
I highly recommend it!
I'll be dropping quarters on the sidewalk for the rest of my life. 

So many great friendships were formed.
Here's the first group:
and here's our second group:
Our parting goodie was a giant box of pink Whoppers with a personal note attached - safe travels.
Thank you, again, Des & Corrie, for a fantastic retreat.
You're the BEST!


  1. Wow! This looks like so much fun Kathy! Thanks for giving us a peek at the retreat. I would love to go some day :>)

    1. And....I would love to have you go with me!

  2. Didn't recognize as many women from the second group as I thought I might. So much fun and was that the quilt on your bed there - GORGEOUS!!

    1. The quilt is one on my bed at home - I made it a few years ago. Thanks! It's one of my favorites!

  3. The retreat looks amazing....and I love your tatoo : ) A quilt retreat is definitely on my bucket list. Glad you had so much fun.

    1. My boys and husband all have tattoo's - now I can hang out with them, as well! I was SO much fun - I would love to go to a retreat with you, too!

  4. Oh, I love that quilt on your bed too. Great pics, except that last one. Do you need a great shot of the front of me :)!

    1. the quilt on my bed is a Fig Tree pattern, can't remember the name of it. And I like the BACK shot of you!!!

    2. Seriously...that is terrible! Remember, I have other shots of you! And I'm not afraid to use them.

    3. I don't know how to delete a photo once I've hit "publish".......hehehe.

  5. Thanks Kathy-o, the pictures are great, such a good memory. So nice to have met you in person. Hope to get to sew with you again sometime - maybe Des will let me come to the middle school in Firth! :)
    I could sleep at my parents in Blkft.

  6. Oh that looks like such a great time! I hope I have time for retreats like that when my kids are older. I think jerry spinelli wrote a lot of books I like, I am the cheese and the chocolate war are two that come to mind, but they are young adult lit. I am totally getting the book you recommend--I'm always in the lookout for a good book, thanks!

    1. I love young adult literature! And I'm totally looking up the two books you suggested! You'll love "Stargirl". Thanks for your comments!

  7. Whoops, I just looked it up and Robert Cormier wrote the two books I mentioned. The book I read by JS was Maniac McGee.;)