Saturday, May 30

Danielle's quilts & shakers!

Danielle, who lives in Colorado, was on a sampler kick!
Here are two quilts using the same pattern but completely different fabrics:
 These prints are darling!
A little girl picking apples...
A little boy and his guitar...
I quilted an all-over clam shell in the center and cross-hatched the checked border.
This one is made with pretty Christmas prints.
I quilted swirls in the center and orange peeled the outer checkered border.
Then Danielle adds this very modern quilt!
Each block was different.  She wanted me to use a variegated primary colored thread...perfect!
I quilted double bubbles in the sashing and single waves in each block.
 Do you LOVE this backing?
Then she sends me these darling Pyrex salt & pepper shakers!
Thank you, Danielle. 
 It's always fun quilting for you...and, I love my shakers!


  1. Could you ask Danielle what the fabric name is for the backing? It is beautiful!

    1. Will look to see if I can find any info on it. I purchased the fabric at The Quilt Basket in Tucson Arizona - not that long ago so they might still have it. Danielle

    2. Thanks, Danielle - that's really kind of you. I will take one 15 yard bolt of it, too. hehe...

  2. Fun projects, and your quilting is lovely. And how special to get salt and pepper shakers of that vintage!

    1. Thanks, Barb - they are all lovely quilts. Danielle was so kind to find & send these adorable little shakers - she knows my "vintage" heart.

  3. Beautiful quilts! Both of you ladies did a great job!

  4. Wow! Love these quilts, especially the bright, modern one with the variegated stitching. I've never seen that and I love seeing new ideas like that. What a sweetie to send you the shakers!