Monday, February 8

my LOVE-ly quilts...

I started this pretty quilt about 3 years ago.

I had an entire bolt of this Valori Wells linen fabric and wanted to show it off.

This pattern of Allison's seemed the perfect choice for it.
It's a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern called "Ring Toss", but I'm calling it my hugs or kisses quilt. 

I can never remember which is which - are the "o's" the hugs or kisses?
Or maybe the "x's" are the hugs - your arms are wrapped around...?
But, your mouth is an "o" when you me out here!
Either way - it's my LOVE quilt.....
Because I had an entire bolt and it was 54" wide, it only made sense to use it for the backing, too.
 I quilted large loop-d-loops all over.
I made this cute little quilt for my neighbor's new
little Miss Ruby.
It's the Buggy Barn pattern, Heather, that I've used
over and over.
It starts out like this....
...and ends up like this...
You can find the pattern in the book, "Gone Crazy", here.

I inserted a little "P.S. I love you" label into the
binding on the front.
You can find them here.
The backing is flannel - and I made a scrappy binding.

 I quilted large loop-d-loops on this one, too. 
Here's the quilt hanger helper guy.....I "heart" him.
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. 
I hope you all have a "love" in your life.

(my folded book heart from my friend,


  1. Nice Kathy!!! Happy valentines day!!

    1. Ah - thanks! Happy Valentines day to you, too. xxoo

  2. Looks like you've been having fun! I've always thoughts the Xs were hugs and Os kisses. XOXOXO Hugs and Kisses. You have almost no snow left on the ground - we still have more than 2 feet! However, we're getting in the low 40s all this week, so that should put a damper on things around here. It will simply make me think spring in coming, but it's still at least two months away.

  3. I love it! Do you remember sending me some of that fabric in a give away? I still have it in my stash, and I think of you whenever I see it. Some day I'll find the perfect use for it :) I love the little P.S. I love you tag. I just had a request for a quilt from my son-in-law in the Air Force and I would love to include a tag in his quilt. Where did you find it?

    1. I do remember sending you some of this fabric - it's a pretty one! I got the tags at a little quilt shop in MT....the label says: 949-552-3299

  4. Oh I too just love this little heart quilt Kath!!