Thursday, March 24

Cowboy Metro Rings

A local ranchers wife contacted me for a commissioned Double Wedding Ring quilt. 
She wanted to give it as a gift to some friends of hers.
These friends make cowboy hats for a living. 
 (There's probably a fancy term for "cowboy hat making" but I don't know it!)
She wanted some cowboy hat prints along with other
western prints.
Because I don't have time to piece quilts for others, I contacted my friend, Andrea, from Pennsylvania who pieces quilt tops for others. 
You can read about her process on this quilt here.
I'm so glad she's my friend - for so many reasons!
She always does such beautiful work - she's my gal!
She suggested the Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern,
Metro Rings (PDF Pattern)
Here is the result.
Andrea pieced the top, sent it to me, then I added this blue border.
The customer wanted a "puffy" quilt
so I used
a 9 oz. polyester batting.
I quilted a simple stipple in the center and
straight lined the border.
The intersections got a curved outline. 
Cowboy hats for the backing - perfect!
I used a solid black for the binding.
She loved it!
Makes me want to get cutting/piecing on my own!
I love this pattern...


  1. Absolutely adorable Kathy! Love the quilting, sometimes a simple stipple is just the thing, and the cowboy hat backing! Swoon!

    1. I agree - I still love stippling. I was so happy to find the cowboy hat fabric!

  2. That's wonderful Kathy! I made one quilt with the Sew Wonderful Ruler, and have a couple more patterns. This one is fun with the cowboy motifs!

    1. I love their patterns - I have several, too. One day I'll break into my Metro Rings & get sewing!

  3. Beautiful! The piecing is gorgeous and your quilting is very inspiring! Wow!!

  4. Very nice!! I have this day, lol!

  5. This quilt turned out beautifully! So fun to work with someone on a project like this and sprinkle your own creativity throughout. Very nice work!

  6. I have always wanted to make one of these! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Super nice. I always love a double wedding ring. It was my first real quilt ever. Really cute in the cowboy prints.

  8. Hello Montana Lady! Just now on your site for 1st time, thanks to Julie sews. Loved looking at all of your quilts. Have a safe and happy 4th of July.

    Helen White Denver, CO. via Rapid City, SD

    1. Thanks, Helen. I love this quilt, too. You have a happy 4th of July, too!