Thursday, November 10

cute quilt label idea...

My Idaho friend, Karen, created this label idea for her quilts.
I think it's genius!
She takes a square of fabric, folds it in half diagonally with wrong sides together, writes or embroiders her information on it, then sews the two raw edges into the binding on the back of her quilt.  All she has to do is slip stitch the one folded edge down.
Here are a few photos of some she made.
This is a patriotic one she wrote on with a permanent marker.
Karen used the script program on her sewing machine to make this one:
I love this - she cut the information from the selvage edge of the fabric she used and sewed it on for the label.
This is a stunning quilt Karen made - all batiks.
She said it was her first large quilt - go big or go home?
I quilted a pretty swirl all over it.
She added this very cool "weave" to the back with her left-over squares.  So pretty.
Get creative with your labels!
I'm stealing Karen's idea...


  1. This is a super, efficient idea. I love it. Thanks for sharing. I'll share it with my quilting group.
    Bless you. Beth

  2. Love this idea - thanks for 'stealing' Karen's idea and sharing it with us!!

  3. Me too!! Great idea....just wish I had better handwriting.

  4. We do that too - I even had some preprinted with lines to fill out for all our QOV's - it looks really nice and is so easy ;-)

  5. Love that label idea! I've gotten sooooo lazy with labeling my quilts. I just put my little tag in them and call it good. But I do love a label!

  6. Bonnie Hunter has been doing it that way for years. I "stole" her idea too!

    1. That Bonnie - she's brilliant! I would never had thought of it.