Wednesday, November 16

"Woven" times 2

I needed a couple of quilt models for a lecture I
was giving recently.
I needed them FAST!  (the lecture was a week away....)
I had just received a copy of Allison Harris's new pattern, "Woven", and it was perfect!
I grabbed some fat 1/4's and went to work.
I needed a masculine quilt and a feminine quilt. 
They worked up speedy quick and were so fun!
I would seriously make a bunch of them to have on hand.
Her instructions were so easy to follow (they always are), she's so smart!
Here are a few photos of them:
This is the "boy" one....I used some of my Cotton & Steel prints with a Denyse Schmidt orange print.
I used fat 1/4's from my stash for this pretty girl one.
I had a small chunk of this flannel backing in my stash. 
I wish I had a bolt of it!
For the back of the girly one I had a pretty piece of fleece in my stash, so this on is a little fluffier.
They are so cute, side by side, on my neighbors
garage door.
It was a beautiful day in Montana - so I grabbed my camera & took advantage of the sunshine.
(Can you see the antelope watching up on the hill?)
I love these wagons on Danette's property.
Thank you, Danette, for letting me take advantage of your beautiful property for photos.
I quilted straight lines & long loops on the boy quilt.
The girl quilt got pretty all-over flowers and loops.
 Thank you, Allison, for such a fun pattern. 
I'll certainly be making more of this one!
"Woven" - saved the day!
You can find this pattern and all of Allison's "Cluck Cluck Sew" patterns here.


  1. So cute. I've made Boardwalk and Basket Weave multiple times...this will be a new one to try. Your work is so beautiful. I'm glad that I can see you quilting so well :)

  2. I'm in love with woven type patterns lately and this is a fun one. I bet you constantly look at quilting designs now - I get that!

    1. I just need to transfer the looking skills into machine skills. I need to get onto the longarm more often too....winter should be a good time for lots of practice.

  3. Ah, so much fun! I love fun quilts!! And I like that you used fleece for the backing on one of them. Did you do anything different (than normal cotton or Minky) to quilt it?

    1. I didn't do anything different with the fleece on the back - it's really easy to quilt through.

  4. I am in LOVE with your fabric choices and your quilting. These are even so much better than my originals LOL!

    1. I don't know about that, but, these were so dang fun to make! It's fun grabbing fat 1/4's for a sweet little quilt - thanks!

  5. loving this one, Kathy o!!!!

    1. Right? They were SO fun to make. I might make 4 the same and turn it in to one large quilt - the fabric choices are endless!