Thursday, December 1

Lexie & Miss Tula's 100 blocks

Lexie did it - she pieced all 100 blocks from Tula Pink's book, "Tula Pink's City Sampler".
It's so pretty...she used Tula's fabrics.
I need to make one.
I wanted to quilt each block with as much straight line
quilting as I could.
In the background sashing I quilted a wood grain design.
The blocks are so simple which allows you to add some really fun fabrics in them.
It was such fun to quilt!
Lexie used one of my favorite Tula Pink extra wide backings - "Free Fall".
Here's another quilt Lexie pieced.
It's "Stars & Stripes" by Thimble Blossoms.
You can purchase it here.
You all know how I feel about anything patriotic...
This is such a great quilt!
I quilted straight vertical lines in the blue fields, wavy horizontal lines in the stripes and swirled
that darling background.
Her backing is perfect - it's another extra wide back.
Lexie is always working on quilts I want to make, too.
Thanks for the inspiration!


  1. Replies
    1. I know - I do , too. I need to get going on mine!

  2. Such a pretty quilt, and great way to complete it with the quilting. I have 5 of the 100 blocks done myself. Wow - only 95 more to go!!!

    1. You're 4 ahead of me! I have one....ONE finished. I need a girl's weekend with friends to sew some more!

  3. Well, I bought Tula's book! Haha! Love the quilts and love, love, love the quilting you did!