Thursday, March 5

Candy's quilts....

One of my customers from Missouri, "hi" Candy, spent some serious time with her sewing machine and produced 4 quilts for me to quilt!
She's getting WAY ahead of the holidays this year...
Here's her pretty spring quilt...
This beauty got loose swirls all over - edge to edge.
What a perfect backing!
I thing swirls fit almost any quilt!
 Here's her beautiful patriotic quilt... 
Each block is different so I quilted a single edge-to-edge wave all over it.
Here's her Autumn quilt...
I quilted simple leaves & loops in the center, a ribbon in the inner border and straight lines in the outer border.
Here's her Christmas quilt...
I love a pretty Christmas Chain - I quilted loops in the center, another ribbon in the inner border and swirls, loops and holly leaves in the outer border.
Now you're ready for any holiday this year!
Thanks, Candy!
They are all beautiful!


  1. Oh, she has been busy! Thank you for sharing Kathy. These quilts are so pretty and your quilting is so special on each one. Beautiful!!

  2. I always love seeing what your customers make and how you make them look even prettier with your quilting! I have to say I'm partial to the first one, love those colors! But they are all just beautiful.