Thursday, July 26


I'm experiencing a crazy turnaround time right now.
(I'm almost finished with the quilts I received in March).

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I think what happened is this......everyone must have had a very cold, very long winter which allowed most of you fabulous quilters out there to spend some serious time with your domestic sewing machines.  

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You have created stunning quilts - and a multitude of them!

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Because my back log is on overload right now, I will not be accepting any new customers at this time.

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I know some of you have referred a friend to me, which I sincerely appreciate. 

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But right now I need to spend my time on my current queue of quilts that are patiently awaiting my attention.
(this is not an actual photo of the quilts I have waiting - it's a Google image...:))

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I promise I will get them all quilted - I repeat to myself 
every day, "one quilt at a quilt at a time."

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Thank you all for your kind words and patience.


  1. Too much business is a good problem to have. You are so is no surprise to me. That pile might casue me an anxiety attack. Just don't ever let it stop being fun. Love you and your work :)

  2. You take your sweet time with my quilt - no hurry :)

    Appreciate your talented quilting on my quilts!!