Thursday, September 20

homemade gingham

My little granddaughters, Alayna & Audrey, moved in to their own bedrooms.
They needed some new quilts for their new twin beds.
I'm on it!
They are both very specific about color...
Alayna loves pink.

I quilted in the ditch on both quilts.

Here's the backing of Alayna's - she wanted flowers.
I also made matching pillow cases.

Audrey loves aqua.

They wanted "big" quilts, which translated into adult language is "puffy", so I used polyester batting on both of them.

Audrey wanted birds on the back of hers.

My friend, Carol - from Montana, also used this same pattern to make her gingham quilt.

I honestly never thought of using prints!  
It is so darn cute!

 I quilted a simple all-over wave  pattern on Carol's.
I LOVE her coral binding print.

Gingham seems to be the fun "go-to" quilt these days.
I will certainly be making more.
It's a free download found here from Jolly Jabber and the Fat Quarter shop.


  1. Aww, Kathy . . . these quilts are so sweet. The girls are adorable too, of course.

  2. So fun to make quilts for special people. These quilts are filled with love. A great pattern for a very fast, easy quilt when you need one!

  3. AMAZINGLY SWEET quilts and grandies!!

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  5. I can't believe how straight the stitching is on the back of the binding. Mine is always wobbly. How do you get it so perfect?