Saturday, October 27

"Spinners" quilt.....

A customer of mine, Barbara, from Texas, sent me this beautiful quilt for some custom quilting. 

 She wanted level #4 quilting design because she was entering it in the Austin Area Quilt Guild show, found here.  There were 74 entries in her category - 
it was a very large show!

This is how she described this beauty:

 "Wind spinners add charm and fun to outdoor spaces. I imagine walking through a large garden. Around every bend, there is a simple whirlygig or an elaborate colorful 
yard spinner."

This is a closeup of a Friendship block. 
 I swirled the negative space areas then straight-lined, or matchstick quilted, the aqua background area.  All of the 9-patches were stitched in the ditch.

Barbara had several Dresden Plate blocks which 
were fussy cut.  
These were her "spinners".  
I stitched straight lines inside each wedge and 
through each center.  

If you look closely, you will see tiny black embroidery outline stitches around each wedge point on every single 
Dresden Plate block.  

It's such a beautiful additional touch.

 For the outside border, I quilted a pretty feather down the center then match-stick straight lined the surrounding area on both sides.  

 Here are all the elements of this stunning quilt - Dresden Plates in several different sizes, the Friendship stars
 and the 9-patches. 

 This quilt has so much character.
Her piece work was impeccable!  
I loved every single minute of quilting it.  
Thank you, Barbara, for trusting me with this treasure.
Here it is hanging in the show in Austin, TX.


  1. That's a terrific quilt she made! I especially like the blue dresden that just really pops! Your quilting is spot on, as always, accentuating the piecing. Love it!

  2. That is a very unique and beautiful quilt!