Wednesday, March 13

mystery quilt revealed

My friend, Lexie, and I taught a mystery quilt class through our local Adult Education program.
It was a stretch for the students to take a class where you don't know what you are creating.
Each week we handed out a clue.
The only "hint" we gave them is to pick contrasting fabrics for the background and the pieced areas.  
We also told them there would be an element of nature.

That's it.
It started to drive them bonkers when we couldn't answer their questions, like....."...would this color look good here?"  or......"...why am I making SO many flying geese units?"

After 6 weeks of "clues" we revealed our completed quilts so they could start putting their blocks together 
and it all made sense.
Here is mine...

It's a V and Company pattern, "Home for the Holidays" can find it here.
I used an Ash Grunge for my background and pulled from my stash aqua/yellow prints and pink/orange prints.

It's such a cute quilt - I really love it.
I love the flannel backing.  
I hung on to it for years and it finally found its home.

I quilted randomly spaced straight horizontal lines - I wanted minimal quilting because of the flannel backing.

It's still so snowy here.  I don't think it's ever going to end.....but, it's pretty and makes a pretty background for my sweet quilt.


  1. It looks beautiful! I especially love the background fabric that you used. :-) Hugs, H

    1. I actually purchased the 108" wide grunge - you get more mileage out of it that way. Thank you for the compliments. hugs, back

  2. What a lucky class to end up with such a cute quilt! I love the Grunge background, too.

    1. It was such a fun class - the first mystery I've ever taught. I love a good surprise ending!

  3. Beautiful - and yes the backing fits perfectly. Also love the straight line quilting you did on it. Just in time to snuggle with, on these cold, wintery days.

    1. It's a snuggler, alright. Thank you for the compliments. It's a sweet little quilt.