Monday, September 7

amazing Anitra!

My California friend, Anitra, truly is amazing.
I always get multiple quilts to quilt from her - I don't know how she has the time to get so many finished!
Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite drink, relax and enjoy the show!
I promise it's a color explosion!
Beautiful Kaffe Fassett stripe fabrics.
A close-up of the loop quilting.
This one reminds me of sea glass so I quilted beautiful elongated swirls & bubbles.
Log Cabin Beads out of Kaffe fabrics.
Perfect backing for the beads quilt.
More solids - SO many 1/2 squares!
back 'n forth quilting... 
Another beautiful backing!
I love this one - it's Anitra's Easter quilt.
Over 100 crosses...
Each cross is quilted different.
This is the label for the Easter quilt - on the center back.
Pretty Kaffe binding.
Anitra named this one, "Valori & Kaffe Go Out to Play"....I love it! 
She's mixed Kaffe & Valori Wells fabrics...
So many tiny pieces...
Backing for Valori & Kaffe - I think they would both be happy with the results!
A cute Christmas scrappy Trip - I started cutting/collecting Christmas 2.5" strips because I want one of these, too!
All finished and ready to be snuggled under!
 Thank you, Anitra - you have some serious skills! 
I love your style!


  1. Beautiful colorful and inspiring quilts. Your quilting always enhances perfectly. Great job, both of you! Thanks for sharing.
    Color explosion is right!!!

    1. Ah - thank you! Her quilts are always so much fun to quilt.

  2. Good heavens! I can't even seem to get one quilt finished this year, all these from one person boggle my mind! All beautiful and so colorful. I love that you did a different quilting pattern on each of the squares of the cross quilt. Wow! Great detail. I love seeing what comes across your quilting machine :)

    1. Thank you, my friend. I honestly don't know how Anitra does it! Maybe she doesn't sleep?

  3. Gosh, beautiful quilts and beautiful quilting!

    1. Thanks, Vicky! They're always so much fun to quilt!