Thursday, March 12

Pow-Wow quilts!

Cute Katie, from Pennsylvania, sent these adorable twin baby boy quilts to be quilted. 
I love this pattern!
It's "Pow Wow" from Cluck Cluck Sew.
You can purchase one here at Allison's shop.
Each one had different prints so I quilted them different.
One was quilted with swirls, the other one was quilted with double bubbles.

But look at these flannel backings....
extra cute!
Katie tucked this cute little pyrex dish inside the box when she sent the quilt "parts" to me.

She knows I love pyrex and said while she was out shopping, she saw this blue dish and thought it was perfect to send with the little boy quilts.

I course I filled it with coconut flavored M&M's.
Oh my!
Have I ever mentioned my love of coconut?
Oh, that's right - I have - here!
They're SOOOOO good!

I love my vintage table cloth my friend, Brooke - from Arizona, sent.
Thank you, Katie & Brooke.
My table is so pretty and springy!


  1. Vintage Pyrex AND table linens are faves of mine!! Stinkin' CUTE quilts -- love the backs almost as much at the piecework!

    1. We are sisters from the vintage world - you & me! Those backs are super soft & cuddly - I don't know where she shops! thanks!

  2. The quilts are adorable, those backings! I don't think I have ever seen that color in pyrex. I really love it, especially with the vintage tablecloth. Perfect!

    1. I know - the quilts were super cute, soft & cuddly. Pyrex - it must come in every color out there!

  3. I've liked that pattern, and it's very cute made up with those fabrics. And your quilting is spot on. Fun to receive a little surprise in the shipment, too! And now we know you love coconut . . .

    1. I need to make a quilt with this pattern, too. I've quilted lots of them and love them every time. Thanks for the compliments - my Idaho friend.